As Prices Rise, PNM Tells Women: You Hold the Power


President Camille Robinson-Regis

As the prices of food and other staples soar, the People’s National Movement (PNM) National Women’s League reminds women that they hold the purchasing power in their hands.

The league also encourages citizens to buy local.

Recently, Social Development and Family Services Minister Donna Cox called on the supermarket industry to be sensible. The league applauded what it described as Cox’s bold stance.

In a statement, the league said that while it is aware that unscrupulous entities can engage in price gouging, it reminded women that ultimately the buying power is theirs.

“The league also encourages citizens to buy locally whenever possible and strongly believes that the nation can work together to tackle food prices as both consumers and industry giants.”

He called on the Ministry of Agriculture to vigorously pursue its grow box campaign so that vegetable gardens make a significant contribution to reducing the high food import bill.

“The league also agrees that there needs to be a targeted approach to welfare grant abusers. This will ensure that the people who need the grants the most are the only beneficiaries.

President Camille Robinson-Regis said that although food prices have risen around the world, the government has provided “tremendous assistance to the most vulnerable citizens”.

This includes grants provided by the Cox Ministry. She identified Wage Relief Grant (GIS) payments worth $18,844,500 distributed to 6,633 applicants for May and June 2021, as reported by the National Insurance Board in September.

Through the Market Box initiative, NAMDEVCO delivered 100,000 baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables worth $58 each to households affected by covid19 in 2021.

The league said the government continues to do its part to help vulnerable citizens and sees this as a great opportunity for supermarket and retail players to seize the opportunity to help those who need it most.

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