’s new global brokerage program fuels its rapid expansion

MAJURORepublic of Marshall Islands, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has launched a new brokerage program as part of its broader institutional service offerings. The program offers high-volume merchants excellent incentives to use the ecosystem.

Introducing’s Global Brokerage Program’s new brokerage program consists of three comprehensive brokerage services, Portal Broker, API Broker and Exchange Broker. These brokerage services allow brokers to invite users to the platform, act as their brokers, and earn discounts and rewards based on subsequent transactions made by those users.

The Portal Broker service is the simplest account offered with brokers using a simple referral link to refer users to, earning up to 50% rewards for Spot trading. The API Broker service also uses a referral link, but aims to incentivize users to use’s comprehensive API trading features. Brokers can earn up to 50% rewards for Spot trading performed by their referrals through API trading.

Finally, the Exchange Broker service is for smaller exchanges as well as DeFi and GameFi services. These platforms can create up to 100,000 sub-accounts to trade through, setting the rates and fees users pay on their platform and earning rebates on every trade made through their account, with up to 40% rewards for spot trading. .

About offers access to over 1,300 of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies to its more than 10 million users from 190 countries around the world. The platform allows users to trade in spot, margin, futures and contract markets, while offering DeFi products via Hipo DeFi, custody services via, investments via Gate Labs and Gate Ventures while supporting its dedicated GateChain ecosystem. The company also offers a wide variety of integrated products and services such as its Startup IEO platform, NFT Magic Box marketplace, and more.


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