Horizon to provide market making and agency trading on a single platform

Horizon Software has extended its electronic trading platform to now include market making and agency trading functions on a single platform, powered by its algo framework.

Horizon, which was originally designed for market making and algo trading services, is now looking to improve agency trading by leveraging its expertise in latency, scalability and algo strategies. and execution for banks and brokers.

By providing high-tech, DMA, DSA, and global order routing capabilities for global stocks and derivatives, Horizon enables banks and institutional brokers to meet the trading challenges associated with today and in the future.

Clients who currently use Horizon for their market making now look to the flow and execution of client orders through a single platform. This will allow them to optimize their operating costs and implement cross-functional approaches such as internalization or the credit risk portfolio.

“In today’s highly competitive and regulated environment, financial institutions must automatically manage most of their order volume, while still having the flexibility to process larger orders with care when needed. At the same time, they must also continually refine their approach to market making to reflect technical advances, ”said Sylvain Thieullent, CEO of Horizon Software.

“Our highly automated hybrid agency and market trading platform tailors asset classes and geographies to provide the touch and DMA capabilities required to meet high quality service demands from clients. “

Over the past year, Horizon has seen its platform deployed by different companies. In July, Santander Bank Polska deployed Horizon’s algo platform for market making.

In addition, Istanbul-based broker Gedik Investment has extended its partnership with Horizon to roll out its equity execution platform.

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