IBBM Enriching Trading Techniques and Stock Market Education for Retail Traders

Mr. Ravishankar Shankaran, Mr. Anuj Gaur and Mr. Sudhanshu Singh, advanced in their trading and investing journey decades ago. They have always been good traders/investors and role models for a group of people nationally and internationally.

After a long tenure in different companies and a collective experience of over four decades, they decided to take trading to different levels. They opened their trading company called Moneymakers India Securities and launched the Prop trading desk in 2016.

Moneymakers India Securities, as the name suggests, started making money with proper hedging and risk management in a professional and brilliant manner from 2016 and today has become a well-known organization for managing funds and wealth management.

The company started managing funds from a fund size of 10 million in 2016 and today manages a TRADING VOLUME OF 1 billion on the trading floor with Ultra HNI and institutional clients.

Mr. Anuj Gaur, one of the directors, said: “It is always good to give something back to society, so we thought that people should also take advantage of the power of the financial market and options, today In such a fast pace and environment when inflation prices are touching the sky, everyone needs an extra income opportunity to meet their needs. Whether the market is going up/down or sideways, Real Market Professional will always be in profit.

After huge constant and steady demand from followers and many people asking to learn about financial markets from market legends like Mr. Anuj Gaur & Mr. Sudhanshu Singh & Team, they founded IBBM (Institute of Bulls & Bears Management Pvt. Ltd.) to meet the needs of traders and investors.

Today, IBBM provides education and training to over fifty thousand people on a monthly basis and helps the nation and people stand on their feet. IBMM offers personalized training programs according to the trainees. Whether you are a working professional, businessman, homemaker or retired person looking for extra income or want to become a full-time professional trader, IBBM supports the needs of each one. roof.

Mr. Sudhanshu Singh (Director, IBBM) said: IBBM also has links with many colleges and universities, to provide training for young minds as they are the true pillars of the nation and the nation will become stronger if we have brilliant young financiers. minds in India’s economy.

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