Microbiological safety described as imperative to ensure food safety

HARIPUR: Microbiological safety is imperative to achieve food safety target in the country, a seminar said on Saturday.

“Microbiological safety is one of the major challenges facing developing countries,” Swabi Women’s University Vice-Chancellor Prof. food safety and the role of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety & Halal Food Authority.”

Haripur University Department of Food Science and Technology organized the event here on Saturday.

She said that a processed and marketed product presenting no microbiological, chemical or physical hazard could only be declared as safe food for human consumption. “A food carrying a biological, chemical or physical agent that may have adverse health effects is always unsafe for human consumption,” she said.

Sharing microbiological, chemical, physical and allergen hazards, she said a state-of-the-art processing process could help ensure maximum food safety and wholesomeness and that industrialists and their managers engaged in food processing must take great care to protect food from hazards.

She also talked about invisible microbiological hazards.

Speaking on this occasion, Prof. Dr. Abdul Satar Shah, a food safety expert, in his keynote address discussed in detail consumer concerns regarding food safety in KP province, especially milk adulteration , spices, beverages, unhygienic processing of vegetables, meat, uncontrolled marketing of fake brands. He said stopping the rising trend of diet-related diseases and ensuring people’s food security is the need of the hour.

Dr Shah said food production, supply, importation, pollution caused by global environmental changes, new bacteria, toxins and their antibodies and the correct diagnosis of food-related diseases were the challenges facing the province of the KP was confronted.

Prof. Dr. Ayub Khan, Acting VC of Haripur University also spoke on the occasion.

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