Myles Turner’s recent injury could affect his trade value

As the Indiana Pacers prepare to make roster changes ahead of the trade deadline, rival league teams are looking for opportunities to fight their way into trade talks with the team, especially Myles Turner.

Turner, who started the season seemingly on track for a career year, has seen his output cool in recent weeks but remains an attractive option for teams in need of a defensive boost in midfield. However, one factor could very well affect its market value: Indiana’s injury bug.

While he started appearing in 41 of the Pacers’ first 42 games, Turner missed the previous game against Los Angeles with a foot injury, which the long center is seeking a second opinion on, raising concerns about how this might affect its market value as a hot product with the deadline in a few weeks.

Myles Turner’s foot injury could put a damper on how the Indiana Pacers can maneuver around the trade deadline

The severity of his injury remains unclear, but the need for a second opinion from a specialist is not a particularly encouraging sign, even at this stage. Myles Turner has suffered his own foot injuries in the past, and this could be another one of those pesky ones if the prognosis is worse than expected.

If so, his commercial value could drop a bit more, which could turn off teams who see him more as a luxury addition. Meanwhile, those with more pressing defense needs and an increase in their central rotation, like Dallas and Charlotte, two perceived frontrunners for his services, could refrain from suspending anything of substantial value.

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What could happen then if Turner’s ideal trade partners pull out of the trade panel is for the Indiana Pacers to retain him and extend talks into the offseason, which remains a viable path forward. This certainly won’t appease many fans, but they might ultimately be better off allowing him to recover and regain his market value.

Again, this is all based on the presumption that Myles’ injury is more than minor. Hopefully, it’s not as big as it seems, so not only can the Pacers maximize his value, but more importantly, so he can just play and show off his skills at night.

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