Stankevicius Group Launches Stankevicius Quant Financial Algorithmic Trading Services Without Prepayment For Success-Based Fees Only

New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – December 14, 2021) – The Stankevicius Group has launched quantitative financial algorithmic trading services without prepayments, which only incur fees based on success. The company has developed and performed R&D on advanced financial services such as algorithmic trading. Algorithmic trading covers over 60% of all trading in the US financial markets. Today, algorithmic trading is the mainstay of the banking industry and Wall Street.

Stankevicius Quant Financial is a special algorithmic trading service that trades digital assets in bearish and bullish markets. Stankevicius Quant Financial provides quantitative algorithmic solutions based on the client’s budget. The most important there is no advance fee; the only charges that apply are a monthly payment on profits which are only controlled by the client and the client alone.

Paulius Stankevicius, CEO of Stankevicius Group, says the financial sector market is very competitive and companies are pricing as low as possible to compete. In fact, to offer complete authenticity and long-term cooperation willingness, we operate Stankevicius Quant Financial with no start-up costs or up-front costs. The only fees are a monthly profit sharing fee that the customer has to pay manually to the service provider.

Paulius Stankevicius adds that we are thus demonstrating total transparency by giving control to the customer. The only thing that happens is to connect the client’s trading account to the algorithmic services. In the worst case, if the customer doesn’t pay, we disconnect the customer’s account. But in the long run, if he’s making a monthly profit, why not stick around and pay the fees? We are trying to disrupt and change the economic model of financial markets. This way we try to gain confidence with open cards.

Stankevicius Quant Financial is a financial services consultant now providing algorithmic trading services to its clients.

How does it work and what does the algorithm focus on?

Stankevicius Quant Financial’s algorithmic services are designed to provide maximum customer security, which means API key protection is high and customer account withdrawals are disabled. Only the customer has full access to the account with the ability to monitor transactions and transactions within the account.

The algorithm has the best compatibility with Binance and FTX exchanges, but clients can recommend their preferred exchange trading option for review and, if approved, a custom algorithm can be developed just for that particular exchange.

The Stankevicius Quant Financial algorithm can trade multiple pairs at the same time during bearish and bullish markets. The trading activities are also supervised by professional traders and in case of unexpected errors or flaws, human interaction is enabled on the admin side to avoid losses, but this is considered the last layer of security protection as the layer Maximum safety standard is monitored by computer and the algorithm has automatic stop limits on losses.

Stankevicius Quant Financial has already integrated clients with great satisfaction. The company is now looking to expand its operations overseas, into the American and Asian markets.

The Stankevicius Group is a professional provider of business services. The Stankevicius group includes Stankevicius MGM, a public relations and investor relations consultancy, Stankevicius International, a general trade consultancy, and Stankevicius Quant Financial, an algorithmic e-commerce services consultant.

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