Wealthface launches premium trading account for the US and MENA region

DUBAIWATER, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wealthface, a United Arab Emirates-based investment management company, today announced the launch of its premium trading account for millennials and professional traders in the MENA region and United States.

Wealthface offers expert investment services through a combination of investment options and advanced Fintech and professional human expertise. It is licensed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and ADGM’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). Additionally, its recent partnership with US heavyweights “DriveWealth” will allow Wealthface clients to trade US stocks at a lower cost.

Commission-free trading

Wealthface has set new expectations for the future of commerce by unveiling its premium trading account. With the ability to start trading with $1with 0% commission ($0 / sell and $0.01/Buy), Wealthface makes trading a professional experience like no other.

AI analysis for global stocks

In addition to low-cost trading, Wealthface takes the lead in offering stock analysis, an option not previously available to retail traders. Now, traders will be able to benefit from AI analysis and access the selection of global stocks to stay informed of these stock market performances.

Fractional Stock Solution

Wealthface Trade Premium Account also offers traders split stock solutions, where they can access thousands of stocks, including high-value stocks like Apple, Google, Tesla, etc. and trade them instantly on the market instead of a 15 minute time limit.

This enhanced account also offers a Halal trading experience so traders can invest in over 2000 Shariah-compliant stocks and ETFs.

Profitable Strategies

Wealthface, by offering a premium account, promises to trade in a multifactor portfolio, where users can select portfolio strategies and experiment with factor investing strategies backed by Nobel Prize-winning research. This option allows users to select the security according to the risk level of their choice and bring a new institutional experience to retail clients.

Regarding this premium business account, Wealthface CEO, Bilal Majbourstates “Whether you trade stocks or ETFs, our award-winning solutions deliver a robust trading experience based on strategies and analytics making the trading process easier, faster and more professional. These innovations provide a complete advanced institutional solution to the retail market with a user-friendly smart platform.”

About Wealthface

Founded in June 2018, Wealthface is a one-stop online investment platform based in the United Arab Emirates that offers both passive index investing and factor investing services. The company’s proprietary Robo-advice platform is developed in-house by a team of experienced quantitative analysts and based on advanced Nobel Prize-winning academic research. Wealthface aims to bring institutional investment solutions to every doorstep by easing the investment and trading process and offering modern Fintech services to a wide range of investors, requiring no minimum trading knowledge and offering a complementary solution to any other trading platform. For more information, visit www.wealthface.com.

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